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Pieces of the Past Hybrid Edition


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Product Description

We have added new subjects to this series as well as highlighted specific historic moments in time. Look for new base cards including Presidents in sports Find Pieces Combo Stamps on our past including: Lennon, Presley, Marley, Sinatra, Hendrix, Chaplin, Garland, Earhart and more. Look for In the News Cards including Famous people and events Look for new Pieces of the Past Cards including dual Pieces of Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Rockwell, McCarthur, King Louis XIV, Spalding and more. Autographs, The Bar 1/1's , Limited inserts, Autographed Sports Cut Cards and more awesome history randomly inserted INCLUDES: 3 Base Cards | 1 Pieces Relic | 1 In the News Relic | Additional Relic

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